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Matthew W. Charles - Static Ep
Brand new 4 track Ep from singer songwriter Matthew W. Charles available on both Cd & Cassette with full lyric booklet!

loone - Self Titled (Third Pressing)
Third pressing of Loone's new "Self Titled" album with pink cases and white tapes!

David Montanye - Surly Goes To College EP
"(Surly) Dylan Suttles is my favorite local musician and I'm proud to call him my friend. He has decided to not play music anymore in order to focus on his photography. While I wish he could do both I know he doesn't have time for music and school. These are some of my favorite Surly Dylan songs and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Good luck in college Dylan and I hope you play music again some day! "- David Montanye
River Wrought - Self Titled (Super Limited Run)
Debut tape from new duo Noel'le Longhaul (Loone/Mallory) and Lior Ben-Abu Hadar (Music Was My First Gay Lover).

Mallory - To The Hollow Night (Second Pressing)
Second pressing of Mallory's "To The Hollow Night" album
in translucent green cases with green tapes!

Mobil-Mockingbird - Runnin' Wild
Brand new album from the Mobil-Mockingbird guys with an alternative cover and tape only bonus track!

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"Slices" a Compilation Tape
"Slices" is a 12 track compilation tape with all new music from:
For The Kid In The Back, Surly Dylan Suttles, David Montanye, Demmier Jevon, Sid Demaro, Erin Powers, The Real Burnouts, Mobil-Mockingbird, The Dirty Street Kids, Specel Lesters Shoes, Citizen O & Samism. Cassette colors are random and come with a 14 page mini-zine, a digital download code and a Orange-SLS Records sticker!

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